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Remember when you started out . . .

Remember when you struck out on your own? Remember that excitement you felt, knowing that you and your practice would skyrocket to success?

I know that when I struck out on my own, I knew for sure that I could everything was going to be awesome.

I had worked at two different offices. I saw so many inefficiencies. I believed that I could be a better lawyer, and run a better practice.

I bid adios to the steady paycheck and a boss, and opened my own office.

I set up a desk. A computer and a phone. A couple of chairs. My law office was born and ready to fire on all cylinders.

I didn't have a huge savings cushion. I didn't have a budget for marketing or advertising.

I did what most people would do, and that was to reach out to family and friends.

I had some business sent my way. A will here. A power of attorney there. A "can you come with me to criminal court Monday morning" call from that distant uncle.

I took all of those matters on, although none of them were really what I wanted to practice, and none of them really brought in much revenue.

The goal was to get out there, show my face, get some results, and have people refer me. It was a fool-proof plan.

​Soon enough, I realized that my family and friends really didn't have much in the way of legal matters to tackle. Also, if they did, they didn't expect to pay (especially the crazy uncle regularly in criminal court, who now believes he has a free lawyer at his disposal.

Although they were looking for opportunities to refer business to me, the opportunities just weren't as plentiful as we thought.

​Finally, you get a call. It's not a family member. It's not a friend. It's a stranger asking for the lawyer. Your first real prospect.

I remember my first real client. The man put so much fuel behind my dreams. He was referred by a friend. We met, and he retained me. He paid me with a check. The check cleared. Finally, some revenue. Finally, confirmation that my dream of building my own law practice will work.

Unfortunately, people weren't running to my office. After that first client, I started to see more traction, but it was sporadic.

It was at that point I realized I had to do more to get my name out there. I had to advertise.

​I had a couple of dollars saved up, so I thought about how I could get the most bang for my buck.

A TV commercial was out of my budget. As was a radio commercial. What about a newspaper ad? Newspapers get into the hands of thousands of people each and every day.

After shopping around, I realized I couldn't get an ad in the larger papers, so I decided to try one of the small, local papers.​

After chatting with a sales rep, I agreed to purchase an ad that would run for the summer. It was going to cost me a couple of thousand dollars, but it had to work, right? Look at how many ads are in there. All of these businesses must purchase ads, even in these local papers, because they work, right?

​I was excited about the ad bringing in new clients. Every time the phone rang, I was ready to ask, "how did you hear about this office?"

I soon realized that the phone wasn't ringing as much as I had hoped or expected. What should I have expected? I guess I really didn't know. All in all, I received a few phone calls from that ad, and was retained by one client. I lost money on that ad.

I decided that I was not going to spend that kind of money again. Not on advertising. I'll just keep working the word-of-mouth/referral side of things.

The word-of-mouth/referral strategy works, but it wasn't doing more than maybe just paying my bills. I didn't want to run a law practice that maybe just covered my bills. One of the reasons I struck out on my own was to have a freedom lifestyle, to be in the office when I wanted, and not in the office when I didn't want to be there, all while having income to support this.

There had to be a better way, right? Maybe the newspaper ad was just a bad placement, I thought. Maybe it was time to try something else.

My office is located in a predominantly west indian community, so I was put in touch with a radio show host. He runs a show on a fairly popular west indian radio station. I thought that this more targeted effort would produce better results

I agreed to purchase a radio spot on his show, which was essentially a sponsor shout-out during the program, that would last about three months. I was also scheduled to do one live, two-minute interview during one of the episodes.

​I think you know the result of this one. Kerplunk! I didn't retain a single client. I did get phone calls, but none of them were in areas of law I practiced. (I probably became a hit with some other attorneys for sending them those referrals.) The ads, I think, just didn't do enough to match my practice and I with the kinds of clients that would want to work with me.

Although the radio ad was a step in the right direction of targeting, it didn't go far enough.

I developed somewhat of a yo-yo habit, because after that radio ad debacle, I told myself that I wouldn't pay for advertising again. I was just going to rely on word-of-mouth referrals, and grow my business slowly.​

Both of those descriptions fit. I was seeing more word-of-mouth referral traffic, but it was very slow. Let me dress it up a bit - marginal growth.

To be completely honest, I was starting to get really frustrating. I knew I was a good lawyer, and my clients appear to love me, so why weren't more people coming to my office?

Also adding to my frustration was the fact that my friends were all getting paid well in their respective careers. I, a lawyer, was falling behind, and pretty quickly.

I decided next that I had to try something really aggressive, something really radical, and something even more targeted. I had heard about lead generation services, but I wasn't too familiar with that.

Up until that time, I was pretty hands-off with my internet/tech stuff. I left all of that to a friend of mine who works in software.

As I looked into lead gen, I thought that this could be worthwhile. I pay for leads that are pre-qualified. I didn't have a ton of money available but, like those two previous campaigns, I decided to throw a couple thousand dollars at it. I was, once again, excited and hopeful.

Almost immediately, I started to receive leads! A name! A phone number! An email address! All of these people interested in a service I can offer!​

I felt like I had finally gotten a hold of a tactic that works! I reached out to these leads by phone, by email. As insisted by the lead gen company, I reached out multiple times to these leads.​

Soon, I noticed some of the phone numbers had gone dead. Some of the emails bounced back. Some of the leads I had spoken to wanted to think about it, and would get back to me when they were ready.

It felt as if as quickly as those leads came in, they no longer existed. It didn't help that those leads were burning through the money I had set for this campaign.​

I had to put an end to that campaign because I didn't have more money to throw at it. At the end of the day, I was retained by two of those leads, and broke even. But, again, breaking even and maybe just getting by wasn't what I wanted. Breaking even and maybe just getting by wasn't going to allow me to lead my freedom lifestyle.​

Then life happened to me. Life happens to all of us, and I was no exception.

I'm pretty open about being diagnosed and living with Crohn's Disease.​

I try not to let it stop me from living my life on my terms, but sometimes it gets challenging.

What happened, though, was something I feared for years, and took me to the darkest​, most frightening place I've ever been in my life.

Long story short, I had what's called a "stricture" developing inside of my large intestine. For those not familiar with it, my understanding of this stricture was that an area within my large intestine was developing excess tissue that was hardening, similar to scar tissue. It made passage of food difficult, and use of a colonoscopy scope impossible.

​Notwithstanding, even with this stricture identification, I was moving along. And then the big kahuna hit me. I suffered a perforation of my intestine. You read that right - my intestine blew up internally.

For years, a doctor had talked to me about an ileostomy, but I didn't want that. I was young, athletic, taking on the world on my terms. An ileostomy didn't fit into my life.

As life would have it, I ended up coming out of surgery with an ileostomy. When I came out of the fog and realized what had happened, I was thankful to be alive.

Then the thoughts of what the heck am I going to do started to hit me. I didn't have a backup plan. I had court dates. What was going to happen to my office?

I couldn't do much about it in my hospital bed. When I had the opportunity, I did what I could. I reached out to clients to let them know what happened. I made arrangements for court appearances. Finally, and the toughest part, I changed my voicemail and website homepage to advise callers and visitors that my office would be closed indefinitely due to medical emergency.

I hope you never have to, or that you have had to, deal with something comparable, but my office was non-operational for close to nine months when all was said and done. Take any business, let alone a solo practitioner law office, and close it down for nine months, and any phone calls or emails you previously had coming in stop pretty quickly.​

They say that in every stumbling block there is a stepping stone. That's what this experience was for me, in retrospect. Not only have I grown physically, emotionally, and spiritually, but I gained some valuable insight and experience immediately applicable to my law practice.

As I had mentioned before, up until that time, a friend of mine had been handling all the tech stuff for my office - website, email set up, etc.

While laid up in the hospital, I felt the need and desire to write about what I was experiencing. So my friend set up a website that I was blogging from.

People started to check out my blog. Family and friends went through it. Friends from law school read it, never knowing the extent of things I dealt with while in law school.

The most surprising part, however, was when ​I started to receive comments from strangers. People from other states commenting on my story. One person wrote to me telling that someone they recently started dating has an ileostomy, and how my blog helped them to better understand what that person was going through.

I was getting traffic to that blog. I was creating content - in a hospital bed - that people were consuming.

I didn't expect it, but being laid out like that helped me develop the foundation to better market and promote my practice when I got back to work.

For the ileostomy blog, I had to think about creating effective headlines that didn't scare off readers. I had to write posts that took a weird subject (an ileostomy) and make it relatable. I had to learn ways to optimize my work for SEO purposes.

While working on that blog, I started to learn how to do all of that, and I realized that it was very simple and very doable.

All those years I had my friend handle the tech and web of my office because I thought it was too much for me, when in reality it's all very manageable and user-friendly.

Thankfully, I got back to work. I decided to start implementing what I had learned while in the hospital bed to my law practice.

I knew that I had to be consistent. I knew that I had to be creative. I knew that I could do this.

As I returned to my office, I reached out to all of my old clients and let them know that I was back to work, and that if they or anyone they knew needed an attorney, I would be glad to help. Some business was sent my way, but it wasn't much.

I felt reinvigorated, not only about my life, but also about my practice. As I was installing this content creation strategy in my practice, I thought I should give some kind of large-scale advertising another shot - maybe I'd tap something that would jumpstart my return.

I was contacted by a publishing company that produces the gameday booklets for a professional sports team. Maybe it was my enjoyment of professional sports, but the idea interested me. The rep proposed I take out an ad in this gameday booklet. It would be sold at EVERY home game! Conservatively, that's about 20,000 people for 81 games! If even 1% of people buy this book, that's my face and contact information in the hands of 16,200 people!​

I decided to move forward with it. Not only will my face and contact info be in the hands of thousands of people, but I'd be associated with a professional sports team!

Unfortunately, I didn't receive a single contact from that ad! (To rub salt in my wounds, this team made it to the World Series! I even inured the benefit of those extra playoff and championship games, and still didn't reach any prospects!)

That's it! I decided after that campaign that I would never pay for a print, tv or radio ad ever again!

As I think about it today, none of those marketing strategies reach target customers (especially at my budget level). All of those advertisements just haphazardly distributed their materials to people, leaving it up to chance.

All the while, I kept plowing away with implementing my content creation in my practice. I was getting likes Facebook posts. I started to have people send me messages on Facebook asking if they could make an appointment with me. I felt as if I had struck a vein in a gold mine.

As I continued this strategy, I started to learn more and more about optimization. It blew my mind when I learned that the "About Me" page is generally the second most viewed page on a website.

I was surprised to learn how responsive people are on Facebook, and how businesses can reach people there.

I was elated when I started to see strangers like ​my posts.

The last straw came at a conference I attended. I chatted with the reps of one of the sponsors. They were there selling "SEO services" (whatever that means).

​As we were chatting, they offered to take a look at my website to see how it can be optimized. I knew a little about this, so I said sure, why not!

One of the reps then pulled up my website on their laptop. First, she said that my website looks pretty good. Then she said that it's great that I have a lot of content on there.

Then she got to her proposal. She proposed that I pay $500.00 to "clean up" my website, and then sign up for their plan of $800.00 per month for SEO management (and that was in addition to monies I would have to pay for search engine ads).

In my mind, my jaw dropped. $800.00 per month for what? I had to know what she meant by SEO management, so I asked her.

She pointed out that she would add keywords to my website to make my site more relevant in search engine results.

I couldn't. I wasn't upset by the service, because it's good great to have your web presence ​humming along. I didn't believe that their cost matched the value provided. That cost was out of control, and I think because they were marketing to lawyers, and they believe that lawyers are lazy about this stuff.

​As shocked as I was by that offer, I was also elated. I knew that what I had been doing and what I had built up to that point was working. The response I was seeing from my content creation campaign was working. It needed a little tweaking, but it was working.

After that conference, I sat down to really figure this out. I really wanted to learn how to create a great, prospect-attracting web presence that (1) was easy to understand and implement; (2) was not time consuming; (3) didn't require lots of money; and (4) can be replicated​ by anyone.

I've read books and blogs. I​'ve listened to podcasts and interviews. I've taken courses, both free and paid. I've tested so many different things to see what works - without becoming a second job. After all, I'm an attorney. I have clients and cases to attend to.

I've distilled all of those experiences into the LegalMarketingWarrior BluePrint series.​

The LMW BluePrint training is a complete, A to Z training that gives you the tools and the guidance to create a powerful web presence that ​will attract prospects - all in as little as 15 minutes a day.

​The LMW BluePrint Base

Here's What You Get: Everything You Need in a 

Simple and Comprehensive Package

3 Modules broken out into easy-to-follow individual lessons that walk you step-by-step through the plan.

Module 1: Creating a Great Website

Module 2: Awesome Content Creation

Module 3: Content Distribution

  • MODULE One


It's time to start sharing that wonderful content with the world.  We'll look at several different free channels for you to distribute the content, and the steps involved in distributing your content on each of those platforms, including:

  • Platforms to Distribute Your Content
  • The Big One: Distribution on Facebook
  • The Often Overlooked: Distribution on Google +
  • A Little Birdy Says: Distribution on Twitter
  • A Little More Formal: Distribution on Linkedin
  • Get Publicized with Publicize
Origins: Why LMW?

LegalMarketingWarrior was founded and created by Richard Kistnen, a solo practitioner based in NYC.  After exploring several kinds of traditional ad mediums to promote the practice over the years, all that resulted were marginal or no returns.  Thanks to the help and assistance of a friend and leader in the software architecture space, Richard started and maintained one of his first blogs, IleostomyLife, while in the hospital after an emergency partial colectomy and installation of ileostomy.  From that experience came the foundations of the LMW BluePrint.  After attending conferences where sponsors were pushing SEO and online marketing contracts for several hundred-to-thousand per month plus on-boarding fees, Richard believed there had to be a better way for people to do this for themselves.  Likening website growth to a fitness program, Richard set out to create a program to build your online presence to reach more prospects in as little as 15 minutes a day.  That program is the LMW BluePrint. 

Gean M., Chief Technical Mind and Advisor to LMW. For over a decade, Gean has been a software architect, creating CRM solutions for companies, both large and small, in a variety of industries, including the financial services, healthcare, and retail spaces. He excels in creating solutions that are readily deployable to experience immediate results, but always works with his clients to build a path for growth moving forward. He enjoys building these solutions with others, and watching them grow and succeed. In advising LMW, he has brought that same approach – helping to craft a plan that’s easily and readily deployable to see quick wins, but also laying the groundwork for sustainable growth over time.

Start the LegalMarketingWarrior BluePrint today. Here's What You’ll Get:

Over 20 Video Lessons - all on-demand.  Go at your own pace.  You'll also receive all updates.

A plan designed for you to succeed?  Get everything you need, including helpful resources and links.

Results, you ask?  Build your social assets.  Reach more prospects.  Save and make more money.

Will the LMW BluePrint Work for My Business?

The LMW BluePrint Course was designed with a law practice in mind. It can also be implemented, however, by other professional services businesses, like accounting, medical, real estate and beyond!  Great for brick-and-mortar shops, too!

Sean M.Freelance Photog

The LMW BluePrint is simple. Simple to watch, simple to understand, and simple to implement. As photography is evolving from a hobby and passion to a lifestyle for me, a solid and well-rounded web presence is a must-have to try and make a name for myself in the photog space. The LMW BluePrint is helping me achieve that as a budding photographer.

Saucy J.Creative Brand Consultant

Many, if not most, of my clients require a strong web presence.  The LMW BluePrint makes it simple, easy and affordable for people and businesses to create a strong and well-rounded web presence from the ground up, starting with a website all the way to paid ads.

Is The LMW BluePrint Course Right for You?

This course isn't for everyone.  It's a lot like an exercise program.  It's going to take some work.  It's going to take some time.  It might make you uncomfortable at first.  If you push through, though, you will see RESULTS!

The LMW BluePrint Training is for YOU if:

  • You want to increase prospects contacting your office
  • You are comfortable using a computer and performing simple tasks on the internet
  • You are tired of spending a ton of money on internet and tech services that you don't understand the ROI
  • You want more likes and shares of your office
  • You want to share your views and opinions on things like case decisions and court experiences
  • You want to express your creativity through your practice

The LMW BluePrint Training ISN'T for you if:

  • You're looking for a 'magic bullet' to get more online prospects
  • You do not want to put in at least 15 minutes a day to grow your business brand and reach more prospects
  • You are not comfortable with using a computer and the internet to perform basic tasks 
  • You do not want to share your views and opinions on the legal practice with the public
  • You do not want to express your creative thoughts through your practice
Start today! You Have Nothing to Lose!

I know the LMW BluePrint Trainings works, and it will work for you and your business.  I know that if you put in some time and some effort, you will have more prospects reaching out to your office.  I want you to see results, and I'm so confident that you will see those results with the LMW BluePrint training that you can try it absolutely, risk-free for 30 days!  If, for whatever reason, you decide the program is not for you, simply contact me and I will return 100% of your purchase price!

But, wait!  There's more!

Along with the BluePrint Training, get these exceptional bonuses to accelerate your progress!


Access to a Private Facebook Group

There is power in the pack!  Share the things that are working and not working with other LMW members across the country.  Get advice, insight, and up-to-date techniques within this private group.



'(Cost) Effective Keywords' Module

In this bonus module, you'll learn techniques to track down the keywords that your competitors are using so that you can tap into that market stream and avoid spending money on costly clicks that have little-to-no ROI.



'Using the New AMP Framework' Module

In this bonus module, you'll learn all about the future of making your website mobile friendly using the new Accelerated Mobile Project (AMP) Framework.  Get ahead of the competition by learning how to install and deploy this framework now so that you rank higher in search relevancy and results.


Add these modules to your membership to create a comprehensive and laser-focused campaign!  Don't miss out on these incredibly valuable modules that will help you save money on paid traffic.

The Facebook Ads Module

The Facebook Ads platform is incredibly powerful. You can target and reach active prospects in your community that have already demonstrated an interest in what you're offering. Best of all, Facebook ads can save you money when compared to other ads platforms! In this module, you will learn:

  • Choosing the right campaign objective to get your ad in front of the right kind of traffic
  • Hammering down your audience with laser-focused targeting
  • Tools for effective ad creation
  • Strategies to split test for maximum ad efficiency
  • Using the FB Pixel to increase ad delivery effectiveness and drive down costs

All Things Google Module

It can be incredibly expensive to advertise on Google, especially if you want to be a top search result.  Fortunately, there are things you can must do to increase your visibility on Google's platform and keep your ad costs down.  In this module, you will learn:

  • Test your website to see what you can do IMMEDIATELY to improve your website functionality and experience
  • Learn how to get Google to index your site as you add content
  • Discover how people are finding your website content on Google
  • Research tools to improve your ads and content, and to reduce your advertising costs
  • A roadmap to effectively get the most out of your Google AdWords campaign

Start Today! Invest in the growth of your business by choosing your membership below

BluePrint Ultimate

Best Value!​

  • LMW BluePrint Training - 3 Modules spread over 20 videos of click-by-click training to get your business' online marketing in shape and into overdrive
  • Exclusive Bonus Content: access to the '(Cost) Effective Keyword Research' Module, the AMP Framework Module, and the Private LMW BluePrint FB Group
  • On-Demand Access with Updates
  • All Things Google Module
  • The Facebook Ads Module


BluePrint + Google

  • LMW BluePrint Training - 3 Modules spread over 20 videos of click-by-click training to get your business' online marketing in shape and into overdrive
    • Exclusive Bonus Content: access to the '(Cost) Effective Keyword Research' Module, the AMP Framework Module, and the Private LMW BluePrint FB Group
  • On-Demand Access with Updates
  • All Things Google Module


BluePrint + FB

  • LMW BluePrint Training - 3 Modules spread over 20 videos of click-by-click training to get your business' online marketing in shape and into overdrive
    • Exclusive Bonus Content: access to the '(Cost) Effective Keyword Research' Module, the AMP Framework Module, and the Private LMW BluePrint FB Group
  • On-Demand Access with Updates
  • The FB Ads Module


BluePrint Base

  • LMW BluePrint Training - 3 Modules spread over 20 videos of click-by-click training to get your business' online marketing in shape and into overdrive
    • Exclusive Bonus Content: access to the '(Cost) Effective Keyword Research' Module, the AMP Framework Module, and the Private LMW BluePrint FB Group
  • On-Demand Access with Updates


Want one of the modules on their own? (It is not recommended to use one of the modules on its own, as they build on the information, strategies and techniques used in the BluePrint training.  If you feel comfortable, however, with using and working on your website as it exists, then feel free to explore these modules without the BluePrint training.)

'(Cost) Effective Keywords' Module

'AMP Framework' Module

The Facebook Ads Module

All Things Google


In case you were Wondering . . .

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do the LMW trainings work?

What do I need to access the modules?

How long do I have access to the course?

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

How can I get a refund?

Why LMW over the competition?

How much work is required to implement the LMW trainings?

Do I have to purchase anything additional to implement the LMW training?

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